Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Post of The New Year

So far the new year has been a challenge, but I have been through challenges before and will get through these. Cars are flying out the door and new customers are coming in everyday. I hope to keep up with this blog updated a little better than the last year.

New challenge, our staff has changed, sometimes you think you know a person and then out of no where you don't know them. I have never said the car business was easy and make no bones about how difficult it is now. With the internet so prevelant in our daily lives people can find cars anywhere. But what they forget is that they have to get the car home and trust who ever is selling them the car a thousand miles away has told them the truth about the car. So people go ahead to risk that whole scenerio to save $500. We are not talking about a coat or computer you buy on ebay, this is a major purchase and to have someone just talk to you over the phone about it and tell you everything will be ok, is that really worth a $500 savings?

New challenge, good clean previously owned cars are hard to come by. Sure I can get you in the car you are looking for but you will have to prepared for a couple of things to go wrong with it. The old addage you get what you pay for has never been more true than the current times we are living in. Now I know some people get lucky and buy a car for a steal and nothing goes wrong but you cannot take that as a 100% fact that it will happen everytime. It happens to us too, we think we have done all the homework on a car, buy it get it here and the radio goes out. It happens, but there are people such as myself out there working to make sure that doesn't happen.

Yet through all the ups and downs we are still here doing exactly what we set out to do. Find a car that you have requested and at the price you have requested. Sometimes it takes forever to do it, but we do it. And enjoy it the whole way, why else would we do it? For the money? Try being a car dealer one day and you will understand that is not for the money, I take this home with me everyday, there is no off switch. It is not for the money, it is for our customer.

By the way have you seen the new Porsche 918 Spyder Race Car. Wow.

Monday, July 19, 2010


We are now in full swing summer and cars are flying out the door. This is our favorite time of year and one of our least favorite. We like it because cars are coming and going, we are creating new relationships and having fun welcoming them to The Motorsports Gallery family. That is really what we are, we are not your typical dealership. I had a customer call me a couple of months ago with an issue that they were having with one of their vehicles and even though it was 10:30 p.m. on a Wednesday, I got out of bed and helped. Now this car was sold to them over a year ago and was a complete operator error that caused the unfortunate event, I still went. That is what we do, we don't send you vanilla mass mailers announcing our blow out prices or service specials. We answer the phone when you need help.
The other reason we love the summer is that car show season is here and there are car shows galore to go and see every one's pride and joys on parade. The biggest is Pebble Beach, I can't wait. It is the one trip every year that we look forward to. The races, the show and running into people that you usually only get to see once a year and hang out with.
Another reason we like summer, did I mention cars.
The only reason we hate summer, hot leather seats. One of the most dreaded features of any summer time cruise. You park think it will only be a little while, then you come out pop into the seat and ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hot leather seat hits the back of your thighs. Nothing worse than have everyone checking your car out especially some good looking girl that you have no shot with, you open the door slide into the seat and instantly shoot straight out due to the charring of your thighs. Your attempt at recapturing your youth even your perceived level of coolness from a yesteryear gone, sacrificed to the sun god or sun demon in this case.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Really, Really

Do people really want to go through the headache of doing a car search on their own? I mean I am a dealer and don't enjoy the process. I have no clue why some people would search and search and go through all the ups and downs of searching for a car to end up saving $1,000 even $2,000.
We hear at The Motorsports Gallery take a lot of pride in what we do. Now I am fully aware of my status as a car dealer, I am bottom feeding shark that wants to take advantage of you and your situation. Which is not true what so ever. There are some of those people out there but not my crew. I provide a service, I have the knowledge and contacts to make all your automobile aspirations come true.
Give us a try, we stand by every car we sell.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Offical business, Car Opinions

The times have changed and I as a car dealer and a car guy have to change as well. If you are looking for a new car you are more than likely using the Internet as your main tool. That leaves a little dealership like mine out in the cold. I am not complaining I am just refocusing. We only have so much space and so much money and in no way shape or form can I stock every car that people would be looking for. I never set out to be the biggest or the baddest. I had a simple goal provide a service with my years of knowledge to build lasting relationships and get people the cars they want or need. So it has lead me to this. The the innovation of technology, people need information at the speed of light and usually get it. I am now your official car advisor.

I want people to send in what cars they are looking for, their indecision's. I will give a honest and fair opinion of the vehicles that they are looking at. I will be your car advisor. Let's face it I have driven every car under the sun and am a wealth of information on cars. If I have the right car then great, if not then you will be armed to the teeth to make a decision. The best part is that it is free, that's right free. Why not people call here all day long looking for cars then have me go and spend countless hours looking and searching for the vehicle then they find it in no where Texas and buy it and I am left with nothing but, I have given them the information to buy the car.

So starting today, send emails or call and I will help you with the process. Would you rather buy a car from someone that has never driven that particular car but he or she read the brochure and now will give you their expert opinion. Or talk the guy who has driven it and more than likely actually owned it at one time.

This is not a bitch session or a feel sorry for me post it is a honest to goodness advertisement, solicitation for your emails to help you decide on what you should buy. I will give an honest opinion of what your options are.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st and Cars that need a home

Feburary is done and over thank goodness. March is here and I have some things that need a new home.

2003 Chevrolet Tahoe 81k miles, Z71, Maroon/Tan, $15350.

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Hemi, 30k miles, Black/Black, $22500.

1996 Lexus ES300, 115k miles, Black/Tan, Heated Seats, $6500

1999 BMW 328i Convertible, 90k miles, Silver/Black, $9500

Not the most exciting cars that we have ever had but are great cars from great clients who used them for trade ins on their new cars.

Spring is here or at least wants to be here, the mood has lifted up and the kart is ready for the track.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The month of February has officially been set in motion. I have a love hate relationship with February. I love February because it is officially the gateway to spring, it is right around the corner, it is short sweet and to the point. It has Mardi Gras and snow, in my head at least it is the last month of winter. It means racing is right around the corner and most importantly it is short.
I hate February, it is cold and snowy and it is always always a grind. Especially in the car business nothing ever gets sold in this short month. No matter what business you are in February is and always be a grind, as a man it means having to spend more money after Christmas. Did I mention it is a grind. Spring is right there especially here in the Rockies, when we have days that are damn near 60 but we all know snow will be here but we don't know when. We want to put away all the winter clothes on these days but we can't. Spring is right there teasing us and we pin all our hopes to a varmint. Don't want go all Yosemite Sam here but a varmint predicting our winter suffering, just adds insult to injury.
We have all been staring at our toys in the garage calling to us wanting to be taken out and throttled, but yet we can't there is still some much crap on the road we don't want to gamble with grime and rock chips. The poor things are screaming in the garage I need out, maybe that is just me screaming.
I can't be the only one that feels this way about the month.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Know your enemies

Whether it is women, wine, song, automobiles or competitors know them. Know how they work find out how they work. Too many people shy away from enemies, the only way to know and control them is to face and study them. I have dealt with too many people that didn't know who or what their enemy was, but I could figure it out quickly.
When it comes auto purchases it is more than likely fear, fear is the enemy of most auto buyers. It is the only thing left. There is entirely too much information in this business to have any other enemy. Now when it comes to car buying the enemy could be fear or it could be the dealer themselves it is all in the way you approach it.
I today figured out a customers enemy and let them know that I figured it out, they are now on their way to making an informed decision. The car business is changing and most everybody believes everything they read on the internet, but as we plug in more and more we lose sight of our enemies.
Potential customers walk into my door everyday armed to the gills with information but they often overlook their enemy, themselves. Come in, relax and let us guide you through what should be enjoyable. A new car should be fun and exciting not a new worry that something was missed.